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Aus Avesfeuer
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<calendar name="Avesfeuer Kalender"></calendar>

Weitere Informationen

New Developer / Mediawiki 1.11+ Support

This page was previously User:Hex2bit/Calendar. I have taken over development and will be creating new features for the extension as time progresses.


This extension implements a calendar in PHP, designed to integrate into the MediaWiki wiki. This calendar supports custom themes (via a template), generation of wiki articles for events, listing the events for a day including a "summary" of the events, and allows you to name calendars to make them unique or to share them within multiple articles.

Note: This extension requires MediaWiki 1.11. It may run on earlier versions, but no promises. This has also been tested under Windows using IIS and under Linux using Apache.



To use this calendar, simply place a calendar tag into an article:


If you wish to name your calendar, you can add a name attribute.

 <calendar name="IT Calendar"></calendar> 

By giving a calendar a name, the events won't show up on other calendars with different names or no name.

Note, the names have to be simple and valid for article titles. Some characters will cause the attribute to be ignored completely, like an apostrophe.

You can also set other attributes in the calendar tag:

The first year to shown on the calendar, defaults to this year.
The number of years to include ahead of the current year, defaults to 3.
Suppresses the "Add Event" tags. You will need to have the same calendar on two wiki pages, one with the Add Event tags, and one without.
Just print the calendar for today
Just print the calendar for tomorrow
Just print the calendar for July 4th, 2006


Events are listed on the calendar in two different ways. The calendar will try to build a title for the event from the first section heading in the article. The text under that should would appear when you put your mouse over the name. An example of an event article would be:

== Summer Picnic ==
Our department will be holding a summer picnic at the park.  Bring your families and your appetites!

In the above example, Summer Picnic will appear on the calendar, and the text within the section will appear if you were to hold your mouse over the link.

If you don't put a section in your article, the calendar will show the word Event, with the text in the article displayed when you have your mouse over the link.

Version 2.0.2 allows multiple events to be put on one page:

 == Summer Picnic ==
 Our department will be holding a summer picnic at the park. Bring your families and your appetites!
 == Summer Star Watch==
 Bring your blankets and spend the night with us under the stars!

More Info

You can find more information in the readme.txt file included with the download, as well as in the source code and calendar template file.


Here's a direct link to his download:

Simson's Calendar Extension (Zip file)

For those who are interested the original code, you can download it if you wish. This does NOT work on Mediawiki 1.11 or higher, but has been tested and works on earlier versions:

Original Calendar Extension (Zip file)

Questions or Comments

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email Simson Garfinkel at the email address listed in the readme.txt and source files.